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Introduction Amino international is a well-established, highly progressive and professionally Expat managed company specializing in Vehicles leasing, transportation, maintenance, management and services. We support both private and public sectors to help in rebuilding of Afghanistan and create new and better employment opportunities.

Amino Logistics Company
Is an Afghan first company, registered, licensed and headquartered in Kabul Afghanistan, The company Provides Huge vehicle leasing program, logistics, procurement, transportation and small to large size construction material.

Vehicle leasing specialist Leasing/ Purchasing of Armored/Soft skin :
We offer the most competitive rates and the highest quality of rental & Sales services with a huge fleet of Armoured and Soft Skin Vehicles. With ALS you get more for your money, plus personal attention and quality service. You will not find a better combination of price, quality and service as offered by our company we aspire to become the leading light in the Car Rentals field through continuous product innovation and the expansion of our distribution networks. Our ultimate goal is to realize greater people-to-people interaction around the globe utilizing our strengths in the design and development of the world’s latest information technology, the ALS aims to become a major force in the Car Rentals industry in Afghanistan. Through innovative products, effective processes, extensive worldwide marketing networks, and the recruitment of the brightest talent, we strive to achieve impressive profitability. Fast and friendly customer service is our highest priority. This is ALS commitment to customer satisfaction.

List of vehicles

Soft skin SUVS
Full Size SUV 4X4 (Toyota Land Cruiser) 7 passenger
Compact SUV 4X4 (Toyota Prado) 7 passenger
Full Size SUV 4X4 (Toyota 4runner) 5 passenger
Full Size SUV 4X4 (Nissan Armada)

Soft skin Van
Van, 9 Passengers (Toyota HI ace)
Van, 9 Passengers (Hyundai)

Bus, 20-25 Passengers (Coaster/Civilian)
Bus, 50 Passenger Bus

Armored Vehicle
B6 Armored Chevy Suburban w/ Gun Ports (V6/V8)
B6 Armored Land Cruiser w/ Gun Ports (V6/V8)
B6 Armored Land Cruiser (V6/V8)
Armored Pickup 4x4 (Toyota Hilux)

Soft skin Trucks 4x4
Crew Cab Pickup 4X4 (Toyota Hilux)
Crew Cab Pickup 4X4 (Ford Ranger)
Crew Cab Pickup 4X4 Toyota Tundra

Cargo Trucks
2 Ton Cargo Truck (Mazda, JAC, Hyundai, Toyota)
3 Ton Cargo Truck (Mazda, JAC, Hyundai, Toyota)
5 Ton Cargo Truck (Mazda, JAC, Hyundai, Toyota)

Our experienced mechanics
Our fully trained mechanics will provide you the assistance all the time. Our experienced and certified mechanics have the knowledge and skill to tackle any repair or maintenance services for NTVs SUVS We understand sophisticated engines, systems, and our technicians are trained on all the latest technologies to meet your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. We will provide a qualified mechanics to perform all maintenance and repairs
Our maintenance facility
Currently, we provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for Embassies other company’s vehicles throughout Afghanistan. We Offer Services 24/7. We have fully-equipped service facility yard and mobile trucks to meet your needs at your facility, as well as roadside assistance in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. We have earned a strong reputation of excellent performance in this business. We have more than 200 various type of vehicles soft skin Up armored in current lease all over Afghanistan.